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In an interview about the film on his website, Anderson discussed problems he encountered in naming his film Fuck instead of a censored version of the word.

Anderson always wanted to call it Fuck, because it succinctly described the film's contents.

Musician Alanis Morissette comments that the word contains power because of its taboo nature.

The film features the last recorded interview of author Hunter S. Scholars, including linguist Reinhold Aman, journalism analyst David Shaw and Oxford English Dictionary editor Jesse Sheidlower, explain the history and evolution of the word.

He emphasized that artists and filmmakers should be free to express their views without censorship, deferring to public opinion on the appropriateness of his documentary's title.

Journalist Sam Peczek of Culture Wars compared the film's music to that in softcore pornography, and observed that the soundtrack was broad in scope and helped accentuate the film's content.The film included the final video interview with Hunter S.Thompson before his suicide, and Anderson dedicated it to Thompson for his contributions to journalism.The film and content he controlled would refer to the title as Fuck, including theatrical and DVD editions.He concluded that his struggle reflected the debate alluded to by the documentary, and this realization motivated him to stand firm on the film's title.The director told Can West News Service that he hoped the documentary would provoke a wider discussion about freedom of speech, sexual slang and its media use.Anderson questioned whether the word should be used on NYPD Blue, and how parents should discuss its use with their children.Mark Urman, chief of the theatrical division of THINKFilm, told The Philadelphia Inquirer that it was especially difficult (as an independent film distributor) to promote a film with a title media outlets did not wish to print.According to a 2011 interview with Anderson in the Santa Barbara Independent, the documentary was shown in about 100 film festivals worldwide and was screened in about 65 cities during its theatrical release.Anderson said he intended to select interviewees with a variety of perspectives, conservative as well as liberal.He described how, as confirmations of interview subjects came in, he was surprised when Pat Boone was among the first to confirm his participation.


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