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Newport tower carbon dating lahore dating

That is not to say the date did not at one point exist--I simply can not see it now. Gianotti also has identified what he believes to be Anglo-Saxon runes on the right side of this smaller stone, which if validated may provide clues to the Tower's origin. Gianotti on his research, and look forward to investigating more of his findings.In addition, a second smaller stone on the inside of this pillar contains some carvings that Mr. Again, after wetting the stone and examining it with low-angle lighting, I could see what may be a series of 3 dates one atop the other; the top one I believe reads 1826 and the bottom one 1848; I did not see the 1325 date on the middle one as Mr. I was joined on this investigation by past and/or present NEARA Board members Steve Di Marzo, Rick Lynch and Jim Egan.Why are maps still referring to this as the Old Stone Mill and why hasn't the area embraced this mysterious structure?It has been a topic on the History Channel and other programs of this type.Newport is a beautiful city and the mansions sometimes overshadow the part the city played in the early history of the colonies.Located in Tuoro Park this is an oddity that's worth a stop.And we all know the story of his grandson Benedict!We also visited the Newport Historical society's museum shop where one of the employees filled us in on a lot of the history of the city.

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There is also some indication that the structure was already there when English colonists arrived on the scene and the town of Newport was founded.

There are certain similarities but also several important differences between the two structures.

Excavations around the Newport Tower have yielded no items earlier than the 17th century and carbon dating also points to a 17th century origin.

That has always been the prevailing theory, Circular windmills of similar construction were not unknown in the part of England Arnold came from.

Some historians think The Newport Tower was modeled after the 17th century Chesterton Mill in Warwickshire, and radiocarbon dating seems to point to a 17th century origin as well.


  1. Also called the Old Stone Tower, Touro Tower, Old Stone Mill or, simply, The Tower, standing near the west end of Touro Park in Newport, Rhode Island, the round. re-landscaping deposit for Newport Parks Department; and a date that didn't conflict with Newport's many tourist events October 15 to November 15, 2006.

  2. Mar 9, 2013. If CO2 essentially air can disprove carbon dating in this case, wouldn't that disprove all carbon dating? What is special about the Newport Tower that CO2 penetrates it more than any other carbon dated item? Seems like just another way to explain away hard evidence that doesn't fit someone's pet theory.

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