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Net validating checkbox

In such situations you should validate check box-selections before submitting the form.

Use following multiple check box selection example to study the in Java Script. First you have to select at least 3 mobile phone manufactures from first check box group.

This little article will provide you a code snippet that makes a textbox called txt Name as required field when a checkbox with id chk Required is checked.allows the user to select more than one item from the group.In some cases you may want to use multiple check boxes to make some selections.Then you have to select at least 4 features of the mobile phone.After that you have to select the camera resolution from the third multiple select check box. Its just that my UI does not respond correctly and I can't expect my users to get out of it that way. Bob "Bob" In a datagridview (vs2005, VB.net) I have two columns that are checkboxes. When I reopen it I can see that the chages were not comitted to the database, which is fine. Its not permissible to have the two selected to true, but they can both be false. I need to check that only one of the two can be checked. I noticed that when I click on the checkbox to uncheck it after the e.cancel executed, that click does not change its value, I can both see in the UI that the value did not change before the cellvalidating event is called and in the cellvalidating event itself, when I set a breakpoint after the line that checks and verify the value of CBool(Datagrid1("Cell_2", e. The only way to close the form is to click on the form close cross in the upper right corner of the form. If I then ckeck the second checbox (cell_2), it gives me the error message but does not return the second checkbox I checked to its unchecked state. Any help appreciated, Bob Once I'm in this process after the error text has been set, evn my close button, that has just a Me.close() in it does not work.


  1. How to check and validate radio, and checkbox buttons before Submit, using JavaScript

  2. In yesterday's post, I had posted about how to "Validate CheckboxList using jQuery", but pure HTML checkbox list is slightly different. The main problem is that it can't be accessed using ID because every checkbox will have different ID. But they share one common attribute which is "name.

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