Naruo dating

You understand don't you." Sarutobi watched as Naruto nodded his head and walked away.

When Naruto left Sarutobi made a small motion with his hand and that was when an ANBU appeared out of the ground."I want you to keep a close eye on Naruto." Sarutobi said.

Well the outcome is quite simple He becomes The God of Fuinjutsu.So I'm sorry to all of you who picked Post-time skip, but I'll have a new poll soon and I think you'll enjoy it.Naruto was excited because for the first time thanks to his training in Fūinjutsu Naruto was neck and neck Sasuke in Jutsu skill.Naruto couldn't focus much on that, but thanks to his training he was able to focus a little bit better.Now today was the day that the test to see who became Genin was now and Naruto was determined not to fail again."I can't fail not now." Naruto said to himself again.Do you know of anyway to help me with the Bunshin no Jutsu it's my worst technique." Sarutobi just looked at Naruto with a sad smile."I'm sorry Naruto, but I can't help you." And raised his hand in order to prevent an interruption."The reason why is that if I show favoritism then I'll have to teach others.The only problem Naruto has discovered in his Fūinjutsu training is that he still puts to much chakra into the seals he got the concept down in fact he developed a few new seals it was just he always put too much chakra into them.They still work the way their suppose to, but they consume a large amount of chakra that even drained Naruto's away rather quickly.He remembered when he was brought up to the Hokage because of his hidden Fūinjutsu training.XXX"Naruto Iruka told me you've been training yourself in using Fūinjutsu based techniques." Sarutobi said with a questioning look.


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