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Mtv dating series

That’s all well and good and congrats to them, etc., but the real question on all our minds (or maybe just ours) is These days, the 35-year-old bad boy is pretty much still the same old Justin Bobby we know and love - he's still cutting hair, and he's still chasing that punk-rocker dream in his one-man band called Bobbyroc K."It is just me, so you get all kinds of sounds and sounds coming from when a girl gets over a justin bobby and moves on, he creeps back in to her life.

And do you buy the Kristin and Justin Bobby relationship -- or is the jig up?

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Brody and Jayde were on a break, and you had been hanging out with him.

For fans who just couldn’t get enough of ‘Laguna Beach,’ the Lauren Conrad-centered spin-off ‘The Hills’ was the guilty pleasure we had all been waiting for.

From the juicy drama to the gorgeous fashions to the ridiculousness that was “Speidi,” ‘The Hills’ kept us glued to the TV for six seasons.


  1. Austin Mahone is an internet celebrity and Austin started dating beautiful Katya Austinappeared in single episodes of some TV series like “Big Time

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