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“Sir Robert Balchin, descendant of Admiral Sir John Balchin, stated, ‘This is the most astonishing news; for generations my family has wondered about the fate of Sir John and the Victory.

Now that the wreck has been found, I and my family hope that as many of the artifacts on it as possible will be raised to the surface."No thought appears to have been given to the fact that, "as many of the artifacts on it as possible will be raised to the surface", might disturb the remains of the 1150 crew of the HMS Victory, or that it is a war grave.

If i dont hear from you and the above is not rectified shortly, i’m afraid that i will no choice, but to contact all the appropiate authorities, to ensure that my ancestors remains are not further disturbed. How would you like it, if i started disturbing your family grave, particularly when you do not feel that you have been accorded the appropriate respect and courtesy, by the person whose disturbing your ancestors grave The e-mail was from the Temple West family who, as the e-mail stated, are direct descendants of Admiral Sir John Balchen via his daughter and eventual sole heir, Frances Balchen.

The complaint resulted in an extensive series of e-mails during which Odyssey CEO Greg Stemm attempted to resolve the issues raised by the family. His descendant Sir Robert Balchin said: "A piece of my family history and of national history has come alive." As a family we have always been proud of Sir John but this confirms what a fantastic admiral he was."As with most politicians, Sir Robert Balchin now Lord Lingfield appeared to have no aversion to the great attention of the media, given to him concerning HMS Victory, or to being referred to as the descendant of Admiral Sir John Balchen.

Nor for that matter; the views of the actual descendants of the Admiral, despite Odyssey knowing of their existence at this time.

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Why would Lord Lingfield, negotiating on behalf of MHF, ask for even better terms for Odyssey?The assertion of a direct family relationship between Sir Robert Balchin was repeated in newspapers, television and other media outlets, but are too numerous to mention them all, excepting the extraordinary televised interview with Sir Robert Balchin, now Lord Lingfield, where he is presented as the descendant of the Admiral Near the end of the interview, he appears to feel himself entitled to Admiral Balchen's sword!No doubt to add to his burgeoning collection of Admiral Balchen memorabilia.of the military grave, that is the HMS Victory, should the wreck be salvaged by Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc.under a commercial contract as is the apparent intention of the current owners, the Maritime Heritage Foundation (MHF).Festo is a leading global manufacturer of pneumatic and electromechanical systems, components, and controls for process control and factory automation solutions.Celebrating over 40 years of innovation in the United States and over 80 years globally, Festo continuously elevates the state of manufacturing with innovations and optimized motion control solutions.Florida based commercial salvage company, located the wreck of HMS Victory and in February 2009 issued a press release and presented Lord Lingfield at a Press Conference as a "descendant" of Admiral Balchen.Lord Lingfield himself described the Admiral as his "forebear", in a signed letter to the Despite Odyssey being aware of true descendants of the Admiral, Lord Lingfield, then Sir Robert Balchin, was introduced by them, as the descendant of Admiral Sir John Balchen of HMS Victory, at their press conference in London 2nd Feb 2009, in which they announced that they have discovered the long sought shipwreck of HMS Victory that was lost in 1744.However our researches into the meticulous Royal Navy records of the period, have shown no such evidence.Nor do our extensive family records, which date far beyond 1744, make any such assertion.


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