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Mirroring behavior dating

On the next spectrum of the level from the body language of licking lips is the nervous tick or action.

It may be the pressure of a tough question or an uncomfortable situation or room that would cause one to change their behavior and display.

If you spend some time watching the television show “Cops” you will see the suspects start licking their lips after a few tough questions are asked with long pauses or short pauses.

Are the suspects lying before or after they lick their lips?

Quite possibly but this show is a good place to look and watch for the signs and signals of lying.

If you are a woman / girl and ask a guy do you love me?

You ask your boyfriend where he was and all of the sudden all of his body language changes into something not normal. Could this be a sign and signal that your boyfriend is lying or did he really go to the new bar?

You go to a new bar and you look over in the corner and notice this girl who winks at you and slowly starts licking her lips.

This rush of energy has to go somewhere for them and the lips are the answer.

You would see this as a common trait or action that happens.


  1. Aug 6, 2009. As long as a guy is initiating calls at least half the time, I'd say that the woman is “mirroring” his behavior, not pursuing. That said, in Alisa's case I would say it was definitely the man's responsibility to make the effort after “forgetting” a date. Reply. 6. Mikko Kemppe - Relationship Coach. I agree with Evan's.

  2. Dec 1, 2011. Are men just waiting for women to pursue them?Dear Annie, Please tell men how to treat women. Lots of guys say they want to date me, but don't bother to take the initiative. They wait for me to pursue them. Why can't they take action?

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