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The name Mia highlights perfectly the precise problem with naming babies. You need to concentrate on getting out of those jim jams and getting off the baby weight.

Mothers see babies so much as pat of themselves they cannot bear to let go. A glorious name that belies the fact the parents were hoping for a boy to inherit the considerable family fortune. If you marry someone with this type of surname, the pre-nuptial needs to state that under no circumstance will you ever be tempted to decide the baby's first name by considering the latter. Under this principle our first child would have ended up as a Chris. Undoubtedly a sister - North by North will be with us shortly.

Secondly a mother that calls her baby Rodney recognises life is tough and you have to be tough to make life work as a result. Mother is still off her face on gas and air, and father is worse for wear at the point they search for the inspiration to name the 18th addition to the fold. She explains that Pippa is a strong choice for parents with a penchant for Waitrose or Party Favours whilst mothers who call their child Fifi (like Paula Yates) have spent too much time reading celebrity magazines The Telegraph reading parent, so convinced his son will never have to associate with the lower classes, they have gone all out with this name. Though deaf grandfathers have been known to ask ''went-in' where?

Plus the fact Rodders is a great name to yell across any airport. Running out of ideas, father grabs another and voila - unto us a Stella is born. 'A strong choice for parents with a penchant for Waitrose or Party Favours.

I have tried it with great aplomb and enjoyed every moment. Sadly when I see Ruth I see a mother that is a Girl Guide leader with hygiene issues and a penchant for talcum powder to soak up every surplus body fluid. I had a dream in the night that Tyler got his GCSE results. If you have aspirations to have a banker as a future son in law, Pippa could be just the baby name you need to make all your dreams come true.

Hence as Ruth runs by there is a strange waft of chalk and acrid ooze that will put you off ever having the kid around for tea.10am Tyler eating his breakfast Mars Bar. A mother that chooses a celebrity name is a mother that has spent too much of her maternity leave in advance of the birth reading trashy celebrity mags and buying into celebrity culture.

Reality TV star at best and she has the cheek to condemn people's names?

Hilarious - don't bother, cheap and tacky book which just about sums up the author.'One user wrote: 'I downloaded it down the pub and was immediately sharing its contents with other punters to hilarious effect - unbelievably there was even a Tyler at the bar (who I'm pleased to say had a great sense of humour).

The pair consummates their relationship during this season, resulting in Vanessa becoming pregnant at season's end and setting up the series for related storylines through the remainder of the show. Introduced in the middle of the second season, Claire begins a relationship with the religious-minded Tony, portrayed by young actor Andrew Mc Farlane. In the episode "Breaking Up and Breaking It," (Season 1) Mc Farlane first appears as Roger, Claire's first crush.In May 2005, ABC decided to end the show, citing declining ratings.ABC officials, according to the Futon Critic and felt the show played itself out.A quick addition of 'la' and voila, problem solved. I have a lot of respect for a parent that names its baby Rodney.Firstly Rodney is not that attractive a name so you are being honest with yourself if you look at a baby and think - Rodney. The moral of the story is that celebrating the baby’s birth with a few cans is never the wisest idea.The series is premised on a self-made merchant, Michael Richard Kyle (Damon Wayans), who owns a trucking company and brings up his family in the suburbs of Stamford, Connecticut.He is married to Janet Kyle, typically referred to as "Jay" (Tisha Campbell-Martin), who had been a housewife but joined the workforce in the pilot (but decided to become a homemaker once again after she was fired from her job in the season two episode "Jay Gets Fired").It was publicly reported that she was pulled from the series by her mother over concerns about the second season opening storyline in which Raycole (as Claire) finds her friend Charmaine (portrayed by Raven-Symoné) has become pregnant.Replacement actress Jennifer Freeman was then cast in the same role with the same storyline.Badging your child as a 'celebrity' puts them on a path for potential TOWIE stardom later in life, and no one would wish that level of depravity on a child.This is not a name you would want to yell across a playground in the meaner parts of town.


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