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“We just gave the eye look, and asked him to step outside.”With that, Rudofsky ran to Sherman-Palladino’s trailer and asked her to read Padalecki for the role before his flight back to Texas. Then, Rudofsky said, Sherman-Palladino turned to her and Casey, and said, “Well, that’s not fair.” When they asked why, she said, “You can’t cast him on the first try.““She said, ‘It can’t be that easy; read more guys,’” Casey said.

And so, they did—but still, Padalecki landed the role.

Anthony said both actors “just blew them away.”The eldest Gilmores developed a real-life rapport very similar to that of their characters—albeit platonic.

Kelly Bishop told that she and her stage husband hung out behind the scenes—getting drinks and lunches together.

‘Just get me funny.’”“‘And talk fast,’” added Rudofsky.

In casting the elder of the two Lorelais (Rory’s real name is also Lorelai), Anthony said she and Mossberg “were looking for [someone] really smart, witty—someone who was able to do that rat-a-tat kind of banter with her daughter.”That turned out to be a difficult ask—especially because the thirtysomething actresses they were after didn’t really want to play the mother of a teenager.

To Bishop’s surprise, she arrived to find that she had been the only person invited outside of Herrmann’s family.“He was a great guy,” Bishop said. He was just a delightful guy.”Some roles were harder than others to cast.The series had already fired two Deans when Rudofsky and Casey got started as casting directors.(Anthony says he had originally been conceived as a more “alternative” character; when the part changed, it had to be re-cast.) They weren’t even focused on finding a new Dean when a manager called, telling them they had to meet his client before he went back to Texas the next day.“We said, ‘Well, we’re not auditioning that part yet,’” Rudofsky said.Though Bledel was an acting novice, she had a unique quality that helped her shine even among a vast pool of young actresses who would one day become movie stars; another casting director had already fallen in love with her in New York.Now, though, Bledel’s illness was threatening her performance—enough to potentially cost her the part.“Luckily, we had videotaped one of her early auditions,” Anthony, who cast the show’s pilot with Julie Mossberg, told fans know, the rest is history.Bledel and Lauren Graham spent seven seasons embodying the sort of mother-daughter relationship on-screen that had never really been seen before: a bond so tight that it bordered on sisterly.As Lorelai, Graham portrayed one of TV’s most complicated and empathetic young mothers to date; as Rory, Bledel became an equally magnetic mascot for introverted bookworms everywhere.And indeed, Anthony recalled auditioning countless men who tried to put on a French accent.Unsurprisingly, “it just didn’t feel organic.” Then in walked Yanic Truesdale, who had already made a name for himself back in Canada—but was just trying to break into show business in the States.“He came in and auditioned, and Julie and I looked at each other and went, ‘Hallelujah. Speaking with Truesdale recalled the crazy path that led him to Stars Hollow: after a few “kind of brutal” months of trying to secure work, a friend asked him to come to lunch with her and a guy who had been flirting with her—who happened to be an assistant at Creative Artists Agency.Luckily, there was Graham—whom both Anthony and Mossberg were convinced was just right for the part.They pursued her—“oh my fans, things ended up working out in the end.


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