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We’re not talking about first-cousin stuff here–more like twentieth-cousin.This means that instead of drawing a tree that fans out exponentially, we need to draw a web-like tapestry.distinguished himself by falling out of the ship and having to get fished out of the water. It is much more fun to think that I am a bloodline descendant of Charlemagne.And in 1999, Joseph Chang gave me permission to think that way.In fact, as Chang suspected, the only way to explain the DNA is to conclude that everyone who lived a thousand years ago who has any descendants today is an ancestor of every European. If you compare two people in Turkey, you’ll find bigger shared segments of DNA, which isn’t surprising.Since they live in the same country, chances are they have more recent ancestors, and more of them.

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Suddenly, my pedigree looked classier: I am a descendant of Charlemagne. Scientists have amassed huge databases of genetic information about people all over the world.When you draw your genealogy, you make two lines from yourself back to each of your parents.Then you have to draw two lines for each of them, back to your four grandparents.You can use this kind of genetic information to make some genealogical inferences, but you have to know what you’re dealing with. Each time they made eggs or sperm, they shuffled the two copies of each of their chromosomes and put one in the cell.Just as a new deck gets more scrambled the more times you shuffle it, chromosomes get more shuffled from one generation to the next.And then eight great-grandparents, sixteen great-great-grandparents, and so on. If you go back to the time of Charlemagne, forty generations or so, you should get to a generation of a trillion ancestors.That’s about two thousand times more people than existed on Earth when Charlemagne was alive.The only way out of this paradox is to assume that our ancestors are not independent of one another.That is, if you trace their ancestry back, you loop back to a common ancestor.But there is a rich, intriguing pattern to the number of shared segments among Europeans.People across Eastern Europe, for example, have a larger set of shared segments than people from within single countries in Western Europe.


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