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Making small talk dating

Early on, there may not be much you care to discover; this was the case for me.

If you go in expecting the worst, it’s hardly conducive to favourable developments.

It is important to be able to have light-hearted conversations to prevent your date from becoming too impersonal.

You should have fun talking with your date…even if that means intentionally planning on talking about some of these areas.

These two approaches worked very well together ensuring that (at least on first dates) there were never any awkward pauses.

The topics you choose should not solely be there to fill in empty space.


  1. Making a point to talk about stuff that matters is a simple way to cultivate happiness,” whether that's with a guy you've never met at a friend's house, a date, or your angsty tween. Below, she explains more. By Samantha Boardman, M. D. Does the thought of making small talk fill you with dread? You're not alone. Most people.

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