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I know some people like riddles, but sometimes I feel like my whole world is a riddle!And since I can rarely figure it out, I am not a big fan.We all have a secret desire to want those things that are out of our reach.Like a drink of water after the well runs dry, in relationships, we often don’t want what we have until we can’t have it anymore. #3 Why can’t you live with them, but you can’t live without them? You know we were made differently for a purpose, but sometimes that purpose feels like it is solely to make you miserable, upset, and desperate. #4 Why do you want to leave them one minute, but then have sex with them the next?Just like those irritating phrases that people utter when something happens like “everything happens for a reason,” there are some common relationship riddles that we all experience, for which there are no answers. In a relationship, there is so much gray area that you may think you have solved one thing, and then another issue arises. The top 20 love riddles that you just can’t figure out If you feel that you have been a part of many love riddles, the good news is that you aren’t in it alone. So here are 20 love riddles that leave all of us scratching our heads in bewilderment.

” #15 Why is it that the more you give, the worse you feel?– Why is that the more you give, the worse you feel about yourself and the relationship? [Read: Selflessness in relationships – How to do the right thing] #16 Why is it that sometimes alcohol makes everything better, yet, other times it makes it all worse?Investing too much into someone who you don’t feel is investing back is a horrible feeling. – Sometimes alcohol can make you go out and have a great time together.We have all felt the “I want you to go” only to see them walking away and think “don’t go!” One of the hardest riddles of any relationship is why there always has to be so much dichotomy in our feelings and emotions.If we could all just speak the same language, it would make our lives so much easier.It doesn’t matter how many times you say something, or even if you try different ways to say it, there are times when they just aren’t going to understand you – and vice versa.– Of all the love riddles, this one may be the most universal. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t battle through the same issues with their spouse. Why is it that we can’t all just live and let live, without the constant need to control or to win? Why does a girl or guy tell you that they just aren’t into talking, and they go for weeks on end not saying a word to you, but then they end up answering their cell phone about 20 times in your presence to talk to other people?#11 Why do they say they don’t want to talk, and then pick up their cell phone 24/7? What makes their significant other so less worthy to talk to?If you ask someone if they are better to their friends, or if their friends are better to them, they would likely say “we are equal.” But there is something about a romantic relationship that frequently has both parties keeping score. 16 discreet signs] #14 Why can’t men and women just be friends? It is great for about a couple of months, but anytime that you open up to someone of the other gender, you are building a bond to romance.The only riddle I can solve for you here is this: “No.


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