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This is part of a voluntary code for record companies.

But there is no law to stop a child buying any explicit single or album from any High Street store.

Four-letter words are abundant and sex, quite often aggressive, multi-partner or sado-masochistic, is written about in body-part detail, and often more than hinted at on film.

This is a world away from the gentle hot pants of Pan's People or the sexy, suggestive lyrics of Marvin Gaye that I grew up with.

Back in the 1950s, Alex Lewyt, president of the Lewyt Corp vacuum company, claimed it was only a matter of time before nuclear power was used in the home.'Nuclear-powered vacuum cleaners will probably be a reality within ten years,' he said.

When Sally's mother learned her daughter was to be temporarily suspended from her church school, she was shattered.

It was a massive Top 40 hit, reaching No 5 in the charts and staying in the Top 10 from February until June of this year.

Lily Allen sang the censored version of the hit on Ant and Dec's early evening Saturday Night Take Away in March and it is also played on the mainstream radio channels.

But the subsequent school investigation uncovered that the poem wasn't a poem at all.

Her bright, bubbly, 12-year-old daughter had never been in trouble before.

Her mother, Jane, listened in horror as the teacher explained why.

They were also special guests on the BBC Children's magazine show MTI, at teatime last month, singing their latest single. My friend bought it in the shops and Sex is on it.' It contains these lines: 'I don't mean to be pushy pushy, I'm just in it for the p**sy p**sy. ' The rest of the lyrics are too explicit to print in a newspaper.

Sally told me she was deeply ashamed when adults reacted as they did to her 'song'.


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  3. Sir Alan Sugar made one of the ten worst technology predictions of all time with his claim that the iPod would never become popular.

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