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Girls Chase continues to exist because of the customers who purchase our programs and invest in us.They're the ones we listen to - not corporate suits on Wall St.However, the truth is that even though Ken and I have not been together long, it feels like we have known each other all along.(And I’m not saying it in some teen-girl-fantasy way; I’m saying it in a matter-of-fact fashion.) We may well have been lovers or deeply connected in our past lives, because our connection transcends beyond any connection I’ve ever known or dreamed possible.If “soulmates” mean 2 souls having an unexplainable affinity for each other be it mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually, then that’s what Ken and I are to each other — soulmates, on all levels. 🙂 I’ve already shared parts of my love journey here and there in my past 5 years of running PE.From my longstanding singlehood, to my past heartbreak, and to my recent sponsored experience at a dating agency, these are all part and parcel of my love journey.We're busy too - and we build our programs for people like us.

While I never gave their opinions second thought, I believe their staunch views subconsciously made me devalue my desire to be with someone.

I never knew that such a perfect person in Ken could exist, much less wind up to be my life partner.

In this series, I will share the story of how we met, got attached, and quickly realized that we are meant for each other in this lifetime (and beyond), among other things.

When I was in university, I liked someone (as I have written in my moving on series, regarding G).

It didn’t work out and I was left crushed, taking years to mend my broken heart thereafter.


  1. Relationship tips that are easy impactful. including life and dating coach and Huffington Post blogger Kira Sabin. Get STYLECASTER in your inbox.

  2. I don’t know much about teen dating violence or healthy. relationship is a basic life skill, but for too many of. 2 Healthy Relationships 101.

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  4. Ways To Live Your Life To The Fullest; 101 Ways To Be a Better Person;. since work is such a huge part of my life. Dating Events. how I met my soulmate.

  5. Dating Rules; Relationship 101; Female Mind;. Make Girls Chase is the manual you wish you had. get better with women and have a better life. ” - Tyler.

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