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So, if you're ready to learn and practice hard, come on in and get registered.

Lee Asher develops original sleight of hand magic based on his lifetime experience as a magician.

In May 2013, Mike and I packed everything we owned into a small sedan and we moved from San Francisco to Santa Monica for an opportunity to work with Mike Jones at Science, one of the top incubators in Los Angeles.

We had the vision to tackle a big problem in the home care industry and Jones was crazy enough to do it with us.

We were very reluctant to add the additional headcount, but we realized the best way to win the highest net worth clients (spending over k per month) was not to build faster and fancier technology, but to engage in the hand-holding and spend long hours with the family. The 1099 independent contractor model, below, is very attractive as it removes excess cost and restrictions for employers.

We were charging clients 30–40% less than industry average, and we were paying caregivers 25% higher than industry average. Our first million dollars in revenue in Los Angeles came mostly through SEO, SEM and light marketing efforts from part-time brand ambassadors.

His site provides free tips, quality information about card magic, plus paid tutorials on his authentic material designed for rising magicians and hobbyists alike.We were bringing transparency to a market that was notorious for lack thereof.By the Summer of 2015, we had onboarded over 1,200 Heroes, provided care to a few hundred clients and we expanded to Orange County, San Diego and San Francisco (and the entire Bay Area).In June 2015, we raised a million Series A, bringing total funding to million.One distinct advantage of Home Hero was our ability to expand to different geographies quickly, whereas most agencies could only keep a 10–15% buffer on supply above their expected billable hours.Our marketplace grew quickly due to our lower prices and our ability to match caregivers with clients so quickly.We protected the marketplace by offering the support of a care management team, the personalization of profiles with photos and video interviews, a robust algorithm to control matching and dispatching, lengthy reviews from past clients, and a rating system to ensure quality.On Oct 15th 2015, the entire home care industry got rocked.The Department of Labor upheld a federal ruling stating that over 2 million home care workers would qualify for the Fair Labor Standards Act —essentially requiring all home care workers to be treated as W-2 employees and receive overtime benefits.So I decided to dedicate my life to fixing one of the biggest (and hardest) problems facing our generation today. Coming into Home Hero, my cofounder (Mike Townsend) and I had a taste of success and failure in startups.Mike founded a web-based point-of-sale company called Zing Checkout in 2012 that I joined and left before it was acquired by Big Commerce ahead of their IPO.


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