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Is omar epps dating sanaa

Epps: Gina and I actually spoke about that and she has this you-don’t-touch-a-classic-thing and I agree but it’s tempting because it’s like what would the story look like now.

about their iconic film in light of its milestone just a few months ago, and the two celebs were both stunned by the impact the film ended up having on its fans."It's so cool and amazing that it has become this beloved film that people love," Sanaa explained.She didn’t have any intention on hiring an actress who could play ball. It was like this long on-going thing because every audition I would do, they would throw in another ball player but she kept bringing me back and I kept coming back.I would go out with my brother and guy friends and try to learn dribbles and she would kind of check in with me and watch me play and it was disastrous. I was just kind of emotionally drained by that time.Monica and Quincy had a real friendship and that’s the basis of every great relationship which is really hard to do. PHOTOS: 17 Movie Sequels We'd Love To See On learning to play basketball for the film: Lathan: I had never played basketball before—it was like putting a basketball in a five-year-old’s hands.It’s that fairytale where you grow up with someone, you know him or her as a person, [end up] taking their virginity, then she [moves on] and lives her life, he lives his. I’m not going to romanticize is, it was hell, it was not fun—what made it worse was that I was training and didn’t even have the part yet.Thoughts on a potential sequel: Lathan: I’m not sure if the director Gina wants to do a sequel, I think Love & Basketball is perfect the way it is.But it depends, like with one of my other films Best Man Holiday, originally I wasn’t into the idea of a sequel but when I read the script I was like OK this makes sense, so it always depends.I just thought it was fresh, I thought it was of that time and progressive and we hadn’t seen something like that. I played football growing up but I wasn’t trying to do it professionally.PHOTOS: 14 Classic Date Night Movies to Set the Mood On identifying with the character: Lathan: Well I’m a romantic so I understand that kind of growing up in love and falling in love and going through the struggles of being in a relationship and how a career path can be a conflict to a relationship, or not. He had a mother and a father; I grew up without a father. I don’t think any of us artists/actors were popular kids; it kind of doesn’t work that way. For me it’s always fun to discover those characters that you don’t naturally relate to versus playing characters that you can relate to.She kept bringing in basketball players; it was like Gina really resisted hiring me [laughs] and so they found every basketball player from all over the world to come in. I guess it worked for the character because she always had to prove herself.The process drew out for months and finally they got me a coach from the L. On the script: Lathan: It was a great role and I knew a good script, even early in my career I knew that those scripts don’t come around that often. Epps: I just thought it was a dope script, it’s really empowering for women, certain undertones of the film resonated with me also.


  1. Omar Epps dated Sanaa Lathan in the past, but they broke up on July 28, 2003. Omar Epps dated Sanaa Lathan for 3.3 years. Omar Epps is currently married to Keisha Spivey.

  2. April 2018. Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan photos, news and gossip. Find out more about.

  3. Beautiful Sanaa Lathan explains why she's. Fans desperately wanted Lathan and Omar Epps to get married after they paired up perfectly during and after the.

  4. Sanaa lathan dating. Fill that magical saturday sanaa lathan and simon baker dating place in your choice. 30 is omar epps dating sanaa time oct 2005 you just have.

  5. Sanaa Lathan. Epps also held supporting. In 1999 Epps began dating Keisha Spivey Epps from. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Omar Epps. Omar.

  6. How long were Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps involved. Was the little girl at the end of love and basketball Omar epps and sanaa. Is Omar epps dating sanaa lathan?

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