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DEAR AMY: One of my best friends is about to turn 30. If I tell him this, he will offer to pay, but I don’t feel comfortable with him doing that. I feel incredibly guilty, though, because I am getting married soon and he is in the wedding.

Within the last few months, he has been depressed, and overall seems unhappy. He is spending time and money on me for all of my wedding-related activities and parties and I feel bad that I won’t/can’t offer support in return.

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PROBLEM: As a child I suffered a severe injury that has caused me to have a low sperm count.

I have a new guy who surfaced at the time of my separation. The new love has blossomed to a point where he is moving in. My parents have met him and feel he is no match for their daughter.

Let him do this, be a great and supportive guest, and celebrate his birthday — and your friendship.

I received expert advice about two years ago which suggested that it was highly unlikely that I would ever father a child through natural conception.

I was advised that it would not be impossible for me to become a father through methods like assisted reproduction and there are even choices such as sperm donation available.

Once I have dated someone for four to five weeks and begin to believe that a longer term relationship is possible I will usually tell them about my fertility issues.

In most situations the relationship does not progress to the next date or it ends very shortly afterwards.


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