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My first impression was that we can meet with different people from other countries.There are different cultures, different national dresses – for me it is good experience to meet new people from all over the world.It’s very good opportunity to speak with them and to exchange ideas.And, secondly, communications is not enough – we can understand each other and then we can understand ideas of the whole world; especially I’m very happy to see that the future young leaders they gather together.Each year the G200 Youth Forum gathers together young leaders, students and academics, representatives of the business world and governments from about two hundred countries.Also, there were two Joint Sessions which united participants of the abovementioned platforms, who included their recommendations regarding discussed topics in the Joint Sessions Results.Petersburg and continued in subsequent years transformed in G20 Youth Summit first, in G20 Youth Forum second and in G200 Youth Forum later: It’s a great opportunity for young parliamentarians all over the world to meet and share views of how to deal with issues in different places.As a participant of G20 Youth Forum I’ve got information from others, what views, what people are doing, how best can we practice in our places and how we can improve our society.

The concept was realised as the G8 Youth Summit in 2006 in St.

This may be a good guarantee for the development of the world.

They have fresh ideas – and this is very important. I think it makes us like a prototype of government.

I hope to involve myself in different kinds of platforms – I can speak out my opinion and suggestions – that makes my exchange here more meaningful.

I work in education, I pay attention to educating young people – so I find a lot of common problems around the world.


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