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Fed up with their boss' arrogance, they decide to start their own butcher shop. See full summary » Boxing trainer Claus works a second job as a collector for loan shark Holger in order to pay off his own debts. Trouble arises when Claus falls in love with hot-tempered Laura.

After dismal beginnings, an unfortunate accident ... Two stories for the price of one: Lenny works in a video shop and tries to get aquainted with the waitress Lea.

I was wondering why this movie just got a 7.something - saw the very first comments on this and got kind of angry. Why need to compare this masterpiece by a boring Tarantino? Take it as it comes: this movie is simply a must - great cast and an awesome dirty story. First time you'll laugh, second time you'll explore all the fine acting, finally and third time, you'll become jealous about killing a rock'n roll-band.

Tokkiegedrag en bedreigingen heb ik er al helemaal niet waar genomen.

Deze persoon is echter al meer dan 1 1/2 jaar niet meer waargenomen op de Pannekoekenplas.

Ongewild voordeel is nu wel dat er meer zonplekken zijn ontstaan en het strandje er groter op is geworden. Als straks de bladeren weer aan de bomen zitten lig je er heerlijk beschut en onzichtbaar vanaf de straat. Ik ben er vandaag weer de eerste keer geweest dit jaar.

This had great potential - a good plot, a really strong cast and a good opportunity for children and adult jokes alike.

The plot delivers what it has - a little silly but quite clever in places - but the comedy is seriously lacking for adults.


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