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“My legs ache and I feel lonely, but I’ve been encouraged by meeting other people,” said Tosa.

Das ist die perfekte Grundlage für höchste Sportlichkeit, die Sie jeden Tag auf die Straße bringen können.Born at Zentsū-ji (the 75th temple on the route) and known as a civil servant, scholar, poet, and an artist, Kūkai is famed for his calligraphy and for his work as a civil engineer.He is also credited with the invention of Japan’s phonetic, syllabic The Shikoku pilgrimage is reputed to have been founded in Kūkai in 815, although the actual historical circumstances are unclear.Local governments in Shikoku now face the challenge of drawing up a formal plan to preserve the route and the 88 temples as cultural assets.“Since those days, more and more media outlets have been promoting [the Shikoku pilgrimage] by focusing on its ties with Kūkai,” Mori acknowledged.“In addition, an increasing number of young people try the holy trek on foot to seek a challenge or embark on a journey of self-discovery.” (Among the pilgrims at Ishite-ji, the 51st temple along the route in the city of Matsuyama, 34-year-old Shinsuke Tosa from Okayama Prefecture is on the 27th day of his journey to pray for his sick mother. Dafür verwenden unsere Ingenieure beim Rohbau sehr dünnwandige Stähle mit dennoch sehr hohen Steifigkeitswerten. Denn die Vergangenheit ist ein zu sanftes Ruhekissen. Ebenso gehören Fahrdynamik und Fahrkomfort untrennbar zusammen.Many modern pilgrims also use cars, buses, bicycles, or motorcycles to navigate the route.The pilgrimage is “characterized by its casual nature, and anyone can start it from anywhere and at any time,” said Masato Mori, associate professor of cultural geography at Mie University in central Japan and the author of a book on the famous pilgrimage. Intelligent wird Leichtbau aber erst dann, wenn das richtige Material auch an der richtigen Stelle des Fahrzeugs verbaut wird. Denn ohne Karosseriesteifigkeit gibt es keine Agilität. Leichtbau ist deshalb ein weiteres zentrales Prinzip des 911.


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