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The only way they came off was to dip them in sparkling water so you can imagine my confused look when he sat me down and started drowning envelopes from letters he’d written in water!

Before I peeled off the last stamp he pulled out a tiny moleskin where he’d written our story using simple pronouns “boy” and “girl” I cried as I read the pages, simply trying to take in what a beautiful gift he’s been in this life.

He loves cities (we share this love) and has dreams of combining his love for healthcare, music and aviation to help the lives of people.

He works at Duke Hospital as a Certified Nursing Assistant, tackling those hours of experience to hopefully get into PA school next Fall.

He proposed to me on a sunny spring afternoon on a spacious, hilly lawn behind the NC Museum of Art.

He took letters he’d sent me from when we first started dating and peeled off the postage stamps he’d so delicately put on the outside envelope when he’d finished each one – and underneath every stamp were little messages he’d written to me all along.

Anyway, I wanted a clean look to the completed building and it's my model so there! My model, which I wish I still owned, took more imagination and ingenuity and probably contributed to me being the modeller I am today.

Is it as good as my cornflake packet version built all those years ago? Which in turn, allowed me to build a model like this!

I've tried to copy the position of the round bed moulded in to the plastic base. It looks as lovely as I hoped in a kind of 1970s way.Most of this is simply Woodland Scenics "Blended Turf" flock powder fixed in place with a smear of PVA glue.The bushey thing in the flower bed is teased out fibrey stuff (the label is missing from the bag) sprinkled with ivy coloured flock and some red stuff.This adorable duo proves that it’s not all about the DIY and details, ultimately a wedding celebrates a couple’s love for one another in front of their nearest and dearest.🙂 I adored how happy and love-filled this wedding this wedding was at first glance and once again we have Cole Gorman of Durham NC-based Blest Photography for the fun and amazing photos!Some might wonder why there isn't any smoke weathering around the top of the chimney - I think this is because we don't have a coal fire in there.I think the stack is decorative, or at best a flue for a gas fire.For the last blog post of 2013, it's nice to be able to report on a completed project.The Hornby bungalow kit is finally painted and a verdant garden has sprung up around the outside.He remembers the event quite fondly: Liz and Phil’s wedding was an unbelievable day, complete with gut-busting laughter, and also tears of unadulterated joy and awe of our Creator.When I walked away from CAM that night, camera bag in hand, the debris of the whirlwind of a day finally settling all around, I was astounded by how Christ-centered Phil and Liz’s day really was.


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