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How is it that I hate this show so much, yet, at the same time, know all of the characters' names?Simply, once you're hooked, you're just like those dead fish that got dumped on Ethan. You keep watching because you can't understand how it can get worse and worse, every day.He played the role of Timmy in a movie called Tales from the Darkside: The Movie in the year 1990.

In July 2013, Mueller, 32, gave birth to her and Demarco’s daughter, Savanna.He is none other than the very talented yet very calm and collected Matthew Lawrence.He was born in the year 1980 on 11th of February, and this makes him 37 years old at this time.At this age, he has achieved almost everything as an actor and is always hungry for more.He was born in a place called Abington Township, which lies in Pennsylvania of United States of America.He is living a financially sound life because of it. He was dating his girlfriend Heidi Mueller, but their relationship ended even after being engaged.He is not married and does not have a wife at this time.He has wowed people with his amazing acting skills, and he is a very good-looking man.He is a great human being as well and always carries a cute smile on his face.What's worse is that the daily episodes keep getting worse and worse.It started out bad: national TV reviewers gave it a bomb rating it's first day out. Witness Sheridan Crane and her flashbacks of her "dear friend," Princess Di.


  1. Thad Luckinbill, 42, 6' 1'', -, Actor, American, Taurus. Amelia Heinle, 45, 5' 6'', 127 lb, Actress, American, Pisces. Heidi Mueller, 36, 5' 7'', -, Actress, American, Aquarius. Kaley Cuoco, 32, 5' 6'', 126 lb, Actress, American, Sagittarius.

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