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Stamnos (stamnoi) - a jar with a wide mouth, often with a lid and two handles, used for mixing wine and water.

Stemmed Cup - a drinking cup with two handles, a stem and base.

New Palace Style Decoration - the late Minoan decorative style using more stylisitc representations of plants and marine life (from 1450 BCE).

Oinochoe ( oinochoai) - jug or pitcher for pouring liquids, principally wine.

Graffito ( graffiti) - A mark incised into the vase (usually under the foot), most commonly letters or numbers but sometimes also words and short phrases. Simliar marks, but painted, are called hydriai) - used principally to store water and one of the commonest shapes in Greek pottery.

Popular in the Mycenaean civilization, they would later develop into the unbiquitous kylix.

Stirrup Jar - first appearing on Minoan Crete but the most common shape in Mycenaean pottery, with a false central spout, used to store wine and oils. Vasiliki Style Decoration - the first distinctive Minoan style of pottery decoration using mottled red and black colours (c. Named after the site where the first examples were excavated.

Fish Plate - a flat dish with a short foot used for serving fish and seafood. Produced from the 4th century BCE they were popular in Attica and Magna Graecia.

Usually decorated with fish and sealife, fish on Attic dishes were almost always painted with their undersides towards the outer edge whilst those from southern Italy had their undersides towards the centre of the plate.


  1. This amazing ancient Greek Neck Amphora with black figures is a high quality hand painted replica of the actual historic vessel from Athens. Mainly ancient Greek.

  2. View Greek amphorae stamps Research Papers on for free. exotic amphora stamps, whose origins and dating helps to have a better understanding of the site.

  3. Latin and Greek inscriptions and papyri. tion about typology of the amphora, its dating etc. comes from this. a Latin-Greek Inscription on the Amphora from.

  4. Find this Pin and more on Ceramics Projects by jesusmpulido. A Dressel amphora, dating to before 100 BC. Greek amphora.

  5. View Greek transport amphorae Research Papers on for free.

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