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Flash xml updating

This release includes new tools, map editing features for Grand Theft Auto V and numerous improvements and bug fixes in the different areas of Open IV.It was almost a year since last major Open IV release, because of that, we decided to delay some features, move them into future versions and make release with current state.Item Command Event ] - Item 'node7_sendnoti' received command 1 Ok, I suspect the wall plug has the same issue as the siren - it doesn’t claim to support notifications/alarms.

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We are happy to announce the release of Open IV 2.9!

This is what I'm doing: obviously, this is not loft as it says in the combobox, the name didn't update when hotspot arrow in pano05 was clicked because this pano (pano04) had extra parameters passed to it via the combobox: pointers much appreciated. find this line: if (_Item At(i).data==pano Name) { replace it with: var data From Array: String = _Item At(i); var name Only: Array = data From Array.split("&") if (name Only[0]==pano Name) { Basically, controller gets the pano Name from the main application, which in your case would be images/pano04 and it is trying to match it to one of the items in the data array, but images/pano04 in the data array has all the parameters after it, so images/pano04 doesn't match images/pano04&pan Home=......., hence the controller doesn't update. Patrick: I have tried that, not setting the alpha or button Mode of the controller spot and also removing the empty events on Over and on Out. :( Hi there: I just downloaded your files & tested -- I can't seem to replicate any Combo Box flakiness. ve tested this on at least 10 or so other computers (no Macs though, only PCs) in Internet caf? Otherwise, it helps format the text within the flash panos.

So, the above code splits the params from the item in the data array before it checks for a match. I've found the line and replaced it and it's working beautifully now. This is both with your original XML, and with the spot line changed to: Either way, it all works fine here. s, through client itself, friends, partners, and they all report the same as Dave and I observed: Color change of the list item lasts only half a second upon mouse-over event & clicking the list items doesnt? Thanks for testing though, now I know there is no problem with that configuration, at least.

New Text Editor has have many useful features like syntax highlighting, customizable search, code folding and more.

We will continue to our work on text editor improvements and new features, please report any issues or suggestions you have.


  1. Microsoft's® Frameworks provide a powerful set of classes for manipulating XML data. These classes mostly reside in the namespace. Since the release of Microsoft Visual Studio® back in February 2002, people have been busily building various extensions and tools on top of these.

  2. Zwave / Java Exception / Fibaro Smoke Sensor V2. Setup ie delete the XML file so that itre-reads the since another user said it’s not updating.

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