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Female celebrities dating athletes

Sel’s said she’s loving the single life, and is looking forward to having her best year ever.

Her best friend Bella is in a serious relationship, but Zendaya is totally fine shaking it up on her own.

Given her talent and her good looks, we bet this Iranian-born beauty won’t be single for long!“Being alone is not the same as being lonely,” she told Seventeen.MORE: A Taylor Swift Song For Every Breakup Nina and her ex, Ian Somerhalder, have stayed friendly, and now she’s loving being a single lady!Sports tend to be dominated by men, and sometimes women’s sports are a bit harder to sell.But strong female athletes are fascinating role models, and many sports fans want to know everything about th Sports tend to be dominated by men, and sometimes women’s sports are a bit harder to sell.Note that we are using the term ‘eligible’ to refer to anyone that is not married.Between actresses, singers, and comedians, our list includes them all.The women listed here have not only daunting natural beauty, but they chose to show off their bodies after toughing it out in their respective sports, which makes them all the more attractive.Tay’s dating life seems to be everyone’s favorite thing to gossip about, but the singer is totally happy being single!Age: 36 Birthplace: Tehran, Iran This triple threat actress/comedian/writer has kept us all laughing with her hit show “The Mindy Project”.In real life, the single star has joked that she doesn’t have time to date and “only has sloppy, anonymous hookups in my trailer with guest stars”.


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