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In 100 years, when our great-great grandchildren look back at our time and wonder when our empire fell, when we lost everything that made us who we are, when our pride became our ignominy, I won’t point to Donald Trump becoming the president. I mean, can we even talk about this episode without just talking about the fact that Arie tried to convince these girls to drink their own piss. Is Lanco a collective noun for James Van Der Beek impressionists?

I can’t tell if Lanco is the name of the band or the name of the man.

After a while Mary and I became more than friends and had an on-off-thing. She was a spectacular woman who loved to help people, but I was one of those schmucks, scared to death of commitment.

Another girl who really got my attention in the Seventies was Goldie Hawn.

But we kept working steadily until 1976, when Karen was murdered. When I told Bobby I needed time off to raise Darrin, he was angry.

But this was the time for me to keep a promise I’d made to Karen long ago and not always kept – that I would be there when it was important for the family.

We never feared them, although I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of them.

Just as Lovin’ Feelin’ was cresting, we were offered a shot playing the lounge at the Sands Casino in Las Vegas.Not long before Karen was murdered, my solo career was going fine, but my voice was failing, so I reformed the Righteous Brothers, thinking I would make a couple of million and retire. We had a big new hit with Rock & Roll Heaven, and then went out on a tour of 20,000-seat venues.The promoter must have lost a fortune, because every night only about 2,000 people showed up.I had a little comedic Elvis bit in my show, where I talked about our friendship, mimicked his awkward speech patterns, and said I never understood what he was saying… One night, the house maître d’ handed me a note that simply read, ‘He’s here.’ I read the note out loud to the crowd and said, ‘Who’s here?’ Just then at the back of the room a guy stands up and starts singing All Shook Up. The house lights came on and the crowd went bananas. I told him how cool it looked and he said, ‘Thanks kid.’ 'He (Bobby) and I were very different characters.He loved the parties and the Hollywood events like the Grammys, but I focused my energy on the music,' said Bill (pictured with Bobby with their wives, Karen and Joy) They were great to us; they loved us.Frank would bring huge parties of his friends to the lounge after his show.We always knew when he was coming because, despite the long lines waiting to get in, there was a long row of empty chairs from the stage to the back of the room with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s at every other chair.When we got off stage, I got her phone number and we started dating.The Righteous Brothers started out in Orange County, California.


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  2. A recap of The Bachelor season 22 episode 4 ‘Week 4’ with Arie Luyendyk Jr. In 100 years, when our great-great grandchildren look back at our time and wonder when our empire fell, I will point at this episode of The Bachelor

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