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In 1995, Farah was crowned "Miss Kentucky Preteen" and appeared in a Pringles commercial and several Duncan Hines print ads.In 1999, Farah went to Los Angeles for her first audition.First Josh (who disappears), then Max Brady and then, finally, herself as she heads to London to visit her parents, prolific Salem couple Jack Deveraux and Jennifer Horton, for the soap playing Hope Williams—Salem Police Department detective; wife of Bo Brady; mother of Shawn-Douglas, Zach (deceased) and Ciara; step-mother of Chelsea; survivor of a fall from a car being driven by a drunk friend; and kidnapping victim once presumed dead when the cave she was held captive in exploded—as a little girl in a one-off appearance in 1994.Hope, who's been played as an adult by Kristian Alfonso since 1983, looked so unburdened by issues then...While visiting the Poconos, Kelly sees her ex there and discovers that he is drinking again; JP is grilled by both Farah and his father about marriage, resulting in Farah demanding a ultimatum; Nadia is asked to sing the National Anthem at a San Diego Padres game.Just before the Thanksgiving holiday festivities began, actress Farah Fath ("Days of our Lives," "One Life to Live") announced that she is engaged to longtime boyfriend, Phil Galfond, a professional ...The likes of Josh Taylor, Brian Datillo, Jason Cook, Mary Beth Evans, Deidre Hall, Kristian Alfonso, Melissa Reeves and John Aniston (yup, Jen's dad!

Doesn’t return my calls or come here so I don’t know, like, where he is or, like, why he isn’t here. From 1997 until 2000, the actor was teenage Eric, who made better decisions than twin sister Sami (Alison Sweeney) and ultimately fell head over heels for Nicole (Arianne Zucker). in 2008 playing the since-deceased Colleen Brady (portrayed in flashbacks as a younger woman by Sweeney), who was thought to be the mother of John Black (Drake Hogestyn)—but isn't!That didn't work out and he left town, only to return to Salem in 2012. We still don't know star was Abby Deveraux (who's now played by Kate Mansi) from 2004 until 2007, during which she had quite the turbulent romantic history for a teenager.She got her break only two weeks after being on the west coast.She ended up as Mimi Lockhart on her favorite soap opera, Days of Our Lives.But if you missed a patch of episodes here and there (or even if you didn't), you may not have noticed these six stars, all of whom are some of the most familiar of faces today.Enjoy the trip down memory lane in honor of the 50th anniversary of , he was one of them.Farah decides to return to Los Angeles now that both One Life To Live and her character are history, but John-Paul doesn't want to make the move; Nadia prepares to say goodbye to Days Of Our Lives; Galen's upcoming sex scene on Days has Jenna upset; Kelly prepares for life as a single woman but Kirsten wants her to clean house first, starting with getting rid of the stuff that Kelly's ex has at her place.Kelly and Farah become concerned for Kirsten's health after she starts to feel ill during a photo shoot, which is also affecting Kirsten's job on the General Hospital set; Brandon pays a visit to Fashion Week, where he is asked to be a model in the Perry Ellis event; Jenna and Galen discuss whether to have another child.Previously we reported that upcoming web series "Beacon Hill" would utilize a viewer subscription-based service, in lieu of generating revenue through advertisements. It's right up there with finding out Father Christmas doesn't exist or that the tooth fairy's just your father with a lighter step...


  1. Just before the Thanksgiving holiday festivities began, actress Farah Fath "Days of our Lives," "One Life to Live". Developing at Soap Opera Network.

  2. Farah Fath and John-Paul Lavoiser met on the set of ABC`s One Life To Live. As of filming of Dirty Soap in 2011, Fath is dating One Life to Live costar John-Paul Lavoisier, who plays Rex Balsom.

  3. Are Farah Fath and John-Paul Lavoisier still together. Who is Farah Fath dating. Farah Fath's birth name is Fath, Farah LeeAllen.

  4. Farah Fath. Share; Tweet; Pin;. Marital Status Dating Co-Star John-Paul Lavoisier. Biography. When she was only five, Farah decided to pursue a career in show.

  5. Nov 10, 2011. One of the show's standout stars, Farah Fath 'One Life to Live', has publicly endured relationship difficulties. This includes a. I was fortunate enough to ask Farah about starring in a reality show, her relationship, and the importance of marriage. J. A On 'Dirty Soap'. Stay up-to-date with us! Follow us on.

  6. Farah Fath Actress. Photo galleries, news, relationships and more on Spokeo.

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