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Ethical implications of online dating

Electronic copyright, e-commerce, credit/cash policies, international trade, tariffs, privacy, digital media offers, and security are just a few of the items to be considered.See: Business ethics manual procedures & standards for ethics compliance in e-business from: Center for Virtual Organization and Commerce @ LSU, “Business-to-Business Ecommerce, Supply Chain Management” B2B Challenges Trust, Importance of Ethics, US Government Regulations There are certainly other items related to all businesses B2B and B2C ethics that are not being fully covered in this article.Importance of Ethics on The Internet Applying good ethical standards to the online world is a direct reflection of your business online. It affects first and foremost your company’s brand image and subsequently how sales, marketing, and advertising principles are applied to the task of making your company profitable for the long haul.

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Additionally, consider carefully what is being published on blogs.Imagine the billions upon billions of text information in web pages, publications, and books that are and will be stored for a long time to come.There is even a site where you can go way back in time to check out archives of other websites and view pages that were created at the beginning of their infancy.SEO – Search Engine Optimization If webmasters perform unethical search optimization of a client’s website, it could have long lasting negative business consequences for that client that can not be easily repaired.Consequences that at first glance may seem insignificant, but can severely affect the online sales and brand image for the long haul. Consumers also know that they can sound of online on blogs and forums, and in essence say, “I’m mad as hell, and I am not going to take it anymore!As such, it would be wise to ponder the various e business legal and Internet marketing ethical issues of both B2B and B2C business practices online.Whatever is written and published online today will likely be there tomorrow and possibly be recoverable forever.Blogs are simply easy to publish websites and content management systems where daily, weekly, monthly, (more or less frequently), personal or corporate thoughts, information, ideas, and happenings can be published and shared online with others.Interaction with readers can be set up in the form of comments from visitors.” Consumers and online searchers are becoming much more aware of the business false advertising that is upon us.Beware, it’s just a matter of time until we hear more stories and legal action taken.


  1. With so many people using online dating sites like Tinder, Hinge and OkCupid, some have turned to using big cats to help them catch the eye of potential mates.

  2. What is Online Dating Deception? The internet is an extension of human communication and allows users to respond to one another through text, video and voice without.

  3. Online education has been increasing in popularity over the past decade. The number of college students taking online classes has doubled over the. Ethical Issues.

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