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Error updating locale 7961 Chatporn

Unfortunately the format of the config files has never been well documented on CCO and Google searching shows up a limited amount of content on "cisco SIP and cnf.xml", so this page serves as a reference guide to getting these phones working with SIP compliant phone services such as Asterisk.I recently opened a TAC case to find out more information about the format of the config files but Cisco were unwilling to assist - as as far as they are concerned if the phones are run in a Call Manager environment (which is what they were intended for) there is no need to manually edit the config files therefore they were not willing to give help running them in a non CM environment.This could even become a FAQ if done clearly enough (or maybe there is one already??? You can try setting up CM to auto register the phone.The should be a setting in CCMAdmin/Server/CM Group or something along those lines.I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong..chance anyone can maybe send me a scratch (base configuration) so I can compare and see what I'm missing?I have several other phones in my voice lab (7921, 7912, 7910, 7940) and all of those register fine.EAF2 username "jp" type 7961 button 1:5 Jeff Cartier Applied Computer Solutions (519) 944-4300 ext.I can verify that's its getting all the proper DHCP/TFTP/CME information...it's a CME.....

Not sure what encodings Cisco phones supports, maybe UTF-8 is supported?The links below should give you the proper path for 4.2.If that works, you can make changes to CSS (calling search space), DP (device pools) and Partition. Some product documentation on them can be found here Note that the 7941G and 7961G have been superseded by the 79 model phones.The End-Of-Sale and End-Of-Life announcement for the hardware of the 79 series phones can be found here.Note there is a minor error in this file as noted below. Leaving them in will confuse your phone, and at the very least cause it to reject parts of the config, if it loads it at all.Note that the config file contents appear to be case sensitive, and most of the parameters start with a small letter after the opening bracket.Cisco recently released a new series of IP phones, the 7906G, 7911G, 7941G, 7961G and 7971G series.The 7941 and up also come in a G-GE model which has gigabit copper connectivity through the phone, the others have just standard 10/100 for the phone and on the additional PC port.I have a Communication Manager server here on site that runs a remote site in another state. The instructions are very different for 5X/6X from previous versions.We run a different PBX here( Avaya) but I have purchased two 7941's I would like to get working here for a lab type environment. You can go to and on the right side of the main page is a short cut to Documentation or use this link: there you can select your version of the OS and get the proper Admin guide.


  1. Nov 10, 2009 Elkhorn IP Phone TFTP update Error Bob Crowder. Loading. Unsubscribe from Bob Crowder. Change TFTP 7941, 7961, 7970 - Duration.

  2. So theoretically the "Error Updating Locale" shouldn't really matter. The one thing I cannot understand is why the "DNS Unknown Host" error is appearing.

  3. Okay, so I've spent the past several weeks trying to track this problem down, and I have no effective solution - but I think it has to do with *something* particular to PIAF. First off, this is only affecting Cisco 7941/7961 and better - I also have a couple Cisco 7960s, and those work just fine.

  4. Am getting the avove error while my 7961 boots. The 'error loading locale' is normal as long as you are in the U. S. Error Updating Locale Cipc.

  5. EAF2 username "jp" type 7961 button 15 Jeff. Standalone Cisco 7941/7961 without a local PBX. so the phone reports an "Error Updating Locale" at startup if you.

  6. Asterisk phone cisco 79x1 xml configuration files for SIP. for the hardware of the 79 series phones. while any device is updating its.

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