Erotic chatbot

Pros: bot copy lists keywords where applicable to help direct the user through requests, good response to variety of input formats for dates, times, etc.

I get the feeling that if Ace were a sub I’d have to remind it to stick to “Yes Miss” and other required submissive verbal protocol a lot.If you’re in the Messenger app, try searching to find it at “@hiponcho.” The first notable thing about this bot that it has an onboarding process where many I encounter have none at all, asking where you’re located, when you’d like your daily report, and suggests commands to try. Poncho is a prime example of an effective use of the bot format.Cons: The Slack integrated version is garbage compared to Messenger, wish it was easier to access Poncho across platforms.The initial message got me curious about setting a reminder, so I decided to ask about it: Pros: honest about what it can do, helpful keyword combos even within complex sentences, polite, positive, deferential tone. Cons: not much of a conversationalist, isn’t in to feet.Rating: 3/5 ballgags People in my office text Poncho The Weather Cat all the time so I decided to try talking to it on Facebook Messenger. Pros: fairly conversational, personality-driven response copy, and of course does very well at the thing it’s built to do.So despite my misgivings, I decided to move on to setting up a poll: I dead-ended in this several times before giving up on my poll.As with Howdy I became quickly flustered that I had to work so hard to do what in reality could have been accomplished in less time with a pen and a post-it.Rating: 5/5 ballgags Growbot exists to give praise, and as someone who is in to worship of all kinds I find this bot’s purpose to be conceptually acceptable.The gist is that you add this chatbot to Slack channels and it listens in for “props” which cue it up to give praise to a designated team member. You must be 18 years of age (21 in some countries) or older to visit this site containing simulated adult chat with erotic chatterbots.You also agree to terms and conditions and privacy statements.


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  2. Dec 9, 2016. Blend wants to “beat everybody to the punch” with its content, and Nigam says within the first 10 minutes they know if certain content will go viral, via a somewhat erotic-sounding technology known as the “Viral Throttler.” The chatbot as human-like storyteller is a compelling experiment, and while many bots.

  3. Statements containing erotic and pornographic expressions, included those on sexual proposals addressed to the chatbot e.g. “shall we shag now?”, “Let's meet for sex” or other vocabulary related to sex. e.g. “orgasm”, “show spa and tits”, “are you gay?”. Percentage of statements of this nature ranges from 0.5% in Max.

  4. Sep 24, 2016. Since we founded Livebotter, we've been reading extensively about chatbots. But information is a mess, and the hype around bots makes it difficult to find quality content. Surprise! Chatbots Magazine

  5. Mar 15, 2015. Sure this sexxxy Turing Test seems harmless but the presupposition that the person on the other end of the Tinder line is a human is pretty basic to the entire mission. The instant that you start sending party bots into the mess of erotic gumbo that is online dating is the instant that these tools become far less.

  6. Sep 9, 2016. Marsbot from Facebook isn't exactly a chatbot that you ask questions — it's more like a robot hipster who follows you, judging wherever you go. All that follow has a purpose, though. By knowing the places you visit, Marsbot will recommend other cool locations — from coffee shops to erotic bakeries.

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