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Encyclopedia dramatica dating

He filled the Garden with many different creatures: javas, jpegs, pngs, shtmls, phps, gifs, bmps and bumps.

He looked at His creation, and saw that it was good.

He took an HTML Tag from the Admin and made the User.

But it turned out to be much more effective in accumulating and amplifying idiocy, creating a being not known before: the troll.

This is the only existing reference to the inner Internet as, of course, that is made up of the websites and hardcore Internet nerds concealed by a cover of passing people wondering what all the fuss is about.

Sites such as Uncyclopedia, The 'Beetus, and most forums mostly make up the outer mantle.

It is a new and lucrative field dealing with navigating these harsh seas of broken and corrupted information in order to extract the name of a song you wanted to remember from a Malaysian porn website but are unable to do so because it was such a long time ago.

Bill Gates as of now is the only master of Vietnamese hand signals and other languages needed in order to extract all of the amazing and sparse information for one's wants and needs, making him supreme.


  1. Tormented by trolling The vile web craze that taunted family of bullied Natasha even after her suicide. By Beth Hale for the Daily Mail Updated EDT, 26.

  2. If you are wapanese and ronery or can't get laid no matter what you do, this is the pointless cure for you!A dating sim is a video game which allows you to have relationships with anime girls who wouldn't look at you on the street.

  3. Online Dating is a modern phenomenon in that, regardless of how many freakish, desperate, fat and dirty people we meet, we continue to search online for "The Right One".

  4. Encyclopedia Dramatica, Stockholm, Sweden. 3.1K likes. Encyclopedia Dramatica is a central catalog for organized reference pages about drama, memes.

  5. Megatokyo got started with two. who is somewhat lost in his own world of shoujo manga and dating games. Encyclopedia Dramatica article about the comic and its.

  6. Oh god, this thread. Encyclopedia Dramatica turns everything into shit, even. but a guy should only do that with a woman they're dating, not hound a stranger.

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