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Dynamic dating diagram

Rather inadvertently, it pops up in several Sangaku problems. The proof has been illustrated by an award winning Java applet written by Jim Morey.I include it on a separate page with Jim's kind permission.Many of the proofs are accompanied by interactive Java illustrations. C.) or someone else from his School was the first to discover its proof can't be claimed with any degree of credibility. C.) by an early 20th century professor Elisha Scott Loomis.The statement of the Theorem was discovered on a Babylonian tablet circa 1900-1600 B. The book is a collection of 367 proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem and has been republished by NCTM in 1968. Counting possible variations in calculations derived from the same geometric configurations, the potential number of proofs there grew into thousands.The proof below is a somewhat shortened version of the original Euclidean proof as it appears in Sir Thomas Heath's translation. This is because, and ∠BAF = ∠BAC ∠CAF = ∠CAB ∠BAE = ∠CAE.ΔABF has base AF and the altitude from B equal to AC.It's so basic and well known that, I believe, anyone who took geometry classes in high school couldn't fail to remember it long after other math notions got thoroughly forgotten.Below is a collection of 118 approaches to proving the theorem.

My data is a large table with all the spend of a company.

There is a more recent page with a list of properties of the Euclidian diagram for I.47.

The Pythagorean configuration is known under many names, the Bride's Chair being probably the most popular.

I also have dynamic sum measures, and percentage of total spend per supplier, all dynamic with year selected.

The problem is when I try to accumulate the percentages to create a pareto diagram as I did above (I followed this receipe to create the "static" pareto https://powerbi.tips/2016/10/pareto-charting/).


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  2. Dynamics definition. affected by the passage of time or the presence or absence of power Dynamic memory must be constantly refreshed to avoid losing data.

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