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Dreadlock dating sites history dating back to 1773 quotfusetalkquot

Whilst the price is lowered to reflect TGIN being a little less known that Shea, the quality of the product is on par – if not better – and more suited to dreads. And priced up at only .99 we suggest you stock up on a few before the secret gets out!

The TGIN shampoo is noticeably thicker in texture to other shampoos and is to be used sparingly. Whether you’ve had dreads since your teenage years or you’re a loc virgin it’s extremely important to know exactly which products to buy to keep your locs maintained (and not waste your money).

Most scents wear off after a few hours or less, but this fresh, homely smell is much longer-lasting and we’d even vouch for it still being there days later. If you’ve got drastic build-up in your locs then the first thing you need to know is that shampooing them isn’t necessarily going to do you any favors.

The beneficial ingredients in this product are numerous but one that stands out is its use of coconut oil. Yes, shampooing is a form of cleaning and cleansing your locs, and totally necessary.

However, the majority of shampoos on the market especially designed for dreads are thick in texture, and nourishing enough that it allows you to skip adding extra conditioner. But this has a hidden drawback: this extra nourishment and thickness can cause serious build up in your hair.

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