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Diddy dating dawn dirty money

(Check out the video for their steamy single “Ass on the Floor” below.) The album even gets a boost from fashion honchos Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, and Anna Wintour, who lend spoken-word parts between songs.

“A lot of the experiences on the album happened during Paris Fashion Week, so I wanted these people to hear the music first,” says Diddy.

If you follow Diddy on Twitter – and really, why wouldn’t you?

– you know that the rap superstar taps out incessant musings on everything from the TV show Dexter to Jesus’ greatness.

We wanted to simplify it so if someone goes into the record store and asks for Diddy’s new album, they’ll know where to find it. People heard I was there, and all of a sudden so many people came in that I had to rush outside to my truck.

I was sitting there with a bunch of money and I was like, “Damn, this is some dirty money.” A light bulb went off that day.

I wanted to tell the Last Train to Paris story in a sexy, urgent, passionate, dangerous way, and I needed the female perspective for that.

I’ve always been a big fan of [British R&B trio] Loose Ends, which was two guys and a girl.

When I’m overseas, I like to eat cheeseburgers because that’s one thing it’s hard to fuck up, except if the beef isn’t right. So as long as I have the right ketchup and mayonnaise, I’m alright.

It was literally a homecoming for Diddy, a Harlem native.

So instead of the refined and rehearsed offering several other cities likely received during the tour’s run, Diddy gave his hometown more, pulling several guests on stage and making it less of a Diddy-Dirty Money show and more of a nostalgic review of his Bad Boy Records heyday.

I feel like I’m in my most artistic phase right now. I’m gonna have my first vacation ever, 10 days, and I’m gonna spendtime with my kids, sleep, and drink water. The past couple weeks have been heavy promo for the album, so it’s probably obnoxious and irritating. It’s called, “let’s win,” as in, Last Train to Paris, in stores now…let’s win!

I’m also getting ready topromote my album at the top of 2011. Usually, I just tweet random sayings, like when I’m having Tantric sex, when it’s cold out, when my feet hurt. I’ve been reading up, and you seem to say “let’s goooooo!


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