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In fact, acknowledging that they have been aware of the adult actions or situations that led up to the loss may help reassure them that it was not their fault.In some families, children are discouraged from observing, commenting on, or questioning what is going on with adults, especially their parents, Such children may now need assurance that it is all right for them to have noticed that things were not going well.If the loss entails the departure of a parent (whether because of a new job assignment, parental separation, serious illness, or incarceration), it is best for both parents to tell the news together, so that the child has the chance to understand that everyone is involved in what is happening and that, regardless of the change, they are still a family.If the loss is the result of parental conflict (separation or divorce), it is particularly important for each parent to take special care to avoid influencing the child’s reactions and to do whatever is necessary to reduce the likelihood that the child will feel caught in the middle of a parental conflict that requires choosing a side.

This second phase of mourning has several components: yearning and pining; searching; dealing with sadness, anger, anxiety, guilt, and shame; experiencing disorganization and despair; and finally beginning the job of reorganization.The best way to help children face significant changes or losses is to let them know what is happening as soon as the loss, separation, or change seems definite.When parents try to delay telling the news, they often underestimate how sensitive children are to parental preoccupation and tension.It would be better, however, for her to remember that she need not hide her own pain and strong reactions as long as she makes it clear that the children are not expected to solve her problems or make her feel better.Her children will be most able to believe this if they know which adult friends and relatives will be helping her, since this is most likely to reassure them that their mother is in competent, caring, grown-up hands.If the mother subsequently joins a loss group or seeks counseling, it might be helpful for the children to be invited to meet the therapist or pastor or group leader so that they can get direct reassurance that the helper understands how important the parent is and that the helper will be available as long as help is needed. ” can help you avoid making statements that are misleading if taken absolutely literally.It may help to note how frequently adult thought patterns and speech revert to concrete thinking, especially in times of stress.Having the chance to say actual thought-out good-byes to people, places, or a familiar family structure is among the most healing things a child can experience.Not only do such good-byes give the child a chance to review and acknowledge the good things that will be lost, they also allow the child an opportunity to express those feelings face to face with the others who are involved.So talk with children about what they might have seen or heard: “When you heard us fighting, you may have wondered what was happening and felt worried and scared.” “Today when Aunt Ruth came to get you at school, did you guess that something bad had happened?” Beginning this way also encourages the child to think, “I am the sort of person who can figure out what is happening.” Corroborating what the child has noticed sends one more reassuring signal that the child is a thinking person, able to make sense of the world and therefore able to understand significant happenings.


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