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Because Mary is desperate for a first date since Wilson with his classmate Brian Heaz, who isn't interested in her, Matt pays him to take her out for pizzas.

It actually clicks, but after finding out about the plan the ingrate turns on both good boys.

In 2001 Nikolas and Lorenzo became the sole actors for the twins.

For those of you who loved watching, you'll be shocked to find out the things that were going on behind the scenes, and the secrets the cast members tried to hide. It was the big break she had waited for, except, things started getting boring for her while the show was still new.

He never stopped acting, and he's still pretty good looking, but he might have fallen off your radar in the early 00's.

Doing so will make the following scandals that much more ironic.

After that happened, Biel was fully dedicated to her role until the show's end.

Right after the show's final episode aired in May of 2007, photos were leaked of Mackenzie Rosman that forced her into hiding for awhile.


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