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About 70% of the time they ended up with the 9th pick so it leads me to believe that more than likely they will pick 9th.

I’ve resigned myself to that reality instead of hoping against hope. If we can somehow end up with him and package some of the later round assets to land Noah Dobson or Jesperi Kotkaniemi I’d be pretty happy_Arc Tue Apr 10 2018 am ESTVic: So you're basically trading for better odds if you're the Rangers.

It is a bold gamble for sure but you don't win by being passive. If your the NYR's, you could potentially be trading a better pick for a worse one after the Lottery.

IMO, it's too much of a gamble (especially with the NYR's history of bad luck). The Rangers spot at #9, plus one of the later 1st round picks and a roster player should get it done.

They are making a lot of right moves over there now. They have 3-legitimate star caliber players as it is.

And the money to spend and the willingness to always spend to the cap. He has been struggling with a knee injury all season and was getting treatment for it at a hospital yesterday. Rhet0ric Tue Apr 10 2018 am ESTSome stories on Keefe: https:// Apr 10 2018 am ESTI think the Rangers will NOT sign a re-tread coach....

The Rangers would do it to get a realistic shot at the top pick and a very high chance at a top 3 pick. If you're the Coyotes, your pick could be much more valuable after the Lottery.Tue Apr 10 2018 pm ESThanky now you are going to get a mri? ...be the same guys who let shattin play .....ramer lama ding dong needs to go if that's the case.....stevielegs Tue Apr 10 2018 am ESTRF- Haha. I also think you’re spot on about Buffalo; I wrote about this a couple days ago but they fall into the category of a team thats been losing for a very long time and they really need to turn this around post haste!!!They already have a long list of ‘prospects’ and they really need someone that could help right away and if the Rangers included a nice ‘young vet’ (think Ziba/ Hayes) they may go for it.We’d probably have to sweeten the deal a little more but we have a lot of depth in that 2nd tier.If I were the rangers, I’d try and move at least 2 of them (Zucc, Spooner, Stinky, Ziba, Kreider, Hayes, Butch, Quickie) to try and move up (I would personally try to hold onto Hayes and Butch).I would think the Yotes would be reluctant because by doing so they're decreasing their odds of drafting Dahlin.Rf4LTue Apr 10 2018 am ESTRHET: Arizona would do it because they may otgerwise end up with the #6 pick if the lottery goes poorly for them.tradestar28Tue Apr 10 2018 am ESTWent googling Joe Veleno - interesting prospect who was the QHL's first player to be granted exceptional status (think JT, Mc David and Day): https:// Apr 10 2018 am ESTArc: I did that lottery SIM thing a week or so ago and the first time I did it, the Rangers won and the Islanders were second!! I tried a whole slew of times after that but they never moved.I think if Gorton can snag a 2nd lottery pick at a reasonable cost he should.Rhet0ric Tue Apr 10 2018 am ESTThe part I missed was talking about #91 and name rhyme ....was the jt reference::::fishboy said good question I’m not answering:::: he’ ll Probably kick the tires if he has that opportunity.....if:..... It is risky as Arizona could get the top spot with the Rangers spot at #9.Stevielegs Tue Apr 10 2018 am ESTIf GORTON were as bold as I would kike he would be trying to engineer a trade with Arizona right now. But it is the kind of bold move that could get the Rangers the #1 pick or pretty much a guaranteed top 5 pick.


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