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Track the number of people visiting as well as actual sales.

In addition to your logs on your server, you can start to track what changes to your bookstore site are generating longer visits, better click-throughs, etc. EUROPEAN ORDERS – One consideration overlooked as well is the issue of foreign language copies of the books and shipping to European and overseas clients.

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It is a must you include as much information about the books you are selling so there is no doubt what visitors are buying.

Welcome to the first issue of Associate Programs Newsletter. Lots of little paths all pointing to One & Only By Mike Tempel 5. [UPDATE: My wife, Joanna, and I now follow the climate.

It examines affiliate/commission programs and how to market them successfully. Why Oak Net Publishing Company distributes this newsletter 6. How a $US24 a year autoresponder can boost your business and earn you referral fees. We spend about half the year by the beach at Rainbow Bay, Queeensland, Australia, and the rest of the time in Central Otago, New Zealand.

Marketing the fact you are working with a well respected name is important.

My experience with Amazon has been great and I receive a regular check every quarter that is starting to look really nice and pay me for my efforts. TRACKING SALES – It is very important that when you receive your sales reports from the companies you have become associated with that you follow sales closely.


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