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Dating wagner cookware

(This doesn't mean modern-day cast iron pans are worse to cook with than antique iron, it only means they're slightly different.) And if you know anything about acquiring and collecting antique 20th century cast iron, then you know that brand names to look for are Wagner and Griswold.Collectors of vintage cast iron cookware often come across entries on e Bay or other sites that promote a "vintage" cast iron skillet supposedly manufactured by Wagner in 1891.I've come across several of them myself in antique stores, and I find that if you lay a "Wagner's 1891 Original" pan on a flat surface, there's a chance that it could wobble due to a warped bottom.Be sure to check for warping before purchasing one of these pans.If you've had any experience with cooking in cast iron, you'll know there's a difference between the modern-day cast iron pans and the classic antique iron cookware.

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Randall sold both Wagner and Griswold to the General Housewares corporation in 1969, and they were the producers of these brands through the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.These are brand new "1891 Original" pans with the labels still attached. General Housewares continued to manufacture cookware with this logo from 1991 through 1999.General Housewares' Wagner cast iron foundry shut down in 1999, and production of these pans ceased at that time.In 1991, General Housewares produced a line of "Wagner's 1891" cast iron pans especially to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Wagner cast iron company in 1891.The "1891 Original" indicates the original year when Wagner began producing cookware.Here is the current design of the Wagner cast iron skillet logo as displayed on the Web site for the American Culinary Corporation: Modern Wagner Cast Iron Skillet Meanwhile, the Cast Iron Collector Web site provides photos of many genuine vintage cast iron pans from the early days of Wagner Manufacturing, including photos of actual Wagner skillets from the 1890s: If you see this pan being sold as a "vintage antique" at a high price, be sure to laugh out loud and point it out!Of course, even the "Wagner's 1891 Original" is a cast iron pan.It is worth noting that the American Culinary Corporation purchased the Wagner and Griswold brands in 2000, but they no longer manufacture cast iron under these names.American Culinary continues to promote these modern-day Wagner cast iron pans, but there do not appear to be any pans in existence produced after the Wagner foundry shut down in 1999. The Skillet-Lickers The Skillet-Lickers Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order Old-time String Band CD. Still, its better to avoid cookware with any more than a tiny amount of. Dating Griswold skillets, which were produced in a range of sizes (from 6 to 12). Password home page blog identifying dating unmarked unknown maker antique skillets. And a Martin 3 skillet is the same size as a Wagner 2. Griswold and Wagner are the premier names in cast iron cookware, and their pieces are the most sought after by collectors. above, for example, is an old Wagner cast iron skillet thats coated in nickel..


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