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Dating vsop 77 minsk

2nd pressing for this mega rare psych monster originally released on the tiny Guinn label in 1977, this time with 1 extra bonus track!!!This lp has fetched 4 figures in the collectors circuit.Various references spring to mind when hearing the name 'Born to Hula'. One could say that the sound is reminiscent of QOTSA and mister Bjork, but this rediscovery of the scene is certainly no simple copy.Rather, it approaches it in new ways, celebrating groove rock, blues vibes and rhythm n' drive in the process.The album by this Chicago 5 piece is full of both GARAGE ballads and FUZZED-OUT rockers. THE BAKERTON GROUP is the instrumental alter ego of the rock band CLUTCH. The debut full length, recorded at The Magpie Cage in Baltimore, MD. Collectively known as The Bakerton Group, fourth-fifths of Clutch (bassist DAN MAINES, guitarist TIM SULT, drummer JEAN-PAUL GASTER, and keyboardist MICK SCHAUER) have created an album made up entirely of late '60s and '70s-inspired, instrumental jams infused with hot blues, funky grooves, and psychedelic rock trips on this self-titled affair.Best of all, this is no mere, middling side project with a lot of fucking about.Reissue on vinyl of the one and only album by the Bachs.

They also were resident at a club in Switzerland for a time, and made a big impression at Plumptons 1969 "National Jazz and Blues Festival". 700 pressing on half ocean blue vinyl and half on black vinyl. The band features a great singer and future guitar legend Rick Iannaconne, who later made a big name for himself in the world of jazz, playing with Coltrane, Miles Davis etc.As a bonus, their's a fullcolour poster (50cm x 70cm) of the band anno 2008. It has an air of The Action's "Rolled Gold" album about it.These three tracks in particular, are a revelation, and prove beyond doubt, Reg's versatility and gifts as a songwriter as you've never heard before.8 great tracks make up the LP including "Music Train" and "Hippies and Cops".We have a used a reverse cover process of their first lp, color cover, info on back, black vinyl. Only known for the one single in 1968 "Ice Cream Tree" /"Julius Caesar" on Mercury, (and largely misunderstood from this to be a pop act), Birminghams Breakthru were in fact one of the loudest, hairiest and most exciting psychedelic rock bands of their time. 700 pressing on half ocean blue vinyl and half on black vinyl.It is an outstanding album with a nostalgic familiarity and ace songwriting that rivals the greats."-Blabbermouth.During the making of the classic Bliss LP, the boys made two LP's at once, the second never having been released until now.These tracks will only appear on Vinyl the once, on this 10" record, so we recommend 'Vinyl Freaks' to pick it up soon!An important link between the "Rolled Gold"-era Action and the "Reg King" solo record, this could be a pointer to future Circle releases. P.- style art sleeve, with the front cover based on a classic "Action" poster design.Originally recorded and released by the Canada's University Of New Brunswick on its Little Records label.The first side, with the superb "Winter", is largely acoustic hippy folk guitar rock with some occasional electric guitar.


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  2. PUNK/HARDCORE/77 PUNK/GRINDCORE. Minsk or Samothrace then name the band. The first Swill Radio 7" in 26 years dating back to The Story Of Failure's "Negative.

  3. Millimeter wave fire control radar for CIWS gun on Russian aircraft carrier Minsk. The 77 cm refractor telescope made. according to radiometric dating and.

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