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Dating violence connected to eating disorders

Particularly in the trans and nonbinary communities, dysphoria can precipitate disordered eating patterns.

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The earliest research on the prevalence of eating disorders in the LGBTQ community focused on cisgendered lesbians and bisexual women.Sixty percent of survivors of anti-LGBTQ hate crimes are people of color.2015 study published by the CDC (which did not include trans individuals), 10 percent of LGB students were threatened or injured with a weapon on school property (compared to 5 percent of heterosexual students) and 34 percent were bullied (compared to 19 percent of heterosexual students).On one occasion, a man stood up on a city bus, demanding it stop so he could be ‘rid of my presence,’” she says, “I've been referred to as ugly more times than I can count.” Unsurprisingly, LGBTQ individuals are 3 times more likely to suffer from a mental health condition like depression or anxiety (which are often co-morbid with eating disorders).The CDC reported nearly one-third of gay and bisexual students have recently attempted suicide; 43 percent have seriously considered it. Cultural pressures that glorify "thinness" or muscularity and place value on obtaining the "perfect body" may contribute to eating disorders.However, we partner with many treatment centers in the area.We encourage you to complete the free confidential screening assessments from specialized treatment centers below to ensure appropriate level and quality of care.“The last thing I'd want is for someone to think that being queer—and not knowing how to situate my body in relation to my queerness—somehow caused my eating disorder,” explains Emily*, a 32-year-old novelist and poet from Chicago, Illinois.Emily struggled with anorexia during her teen years, spent more than four years in treatment, including time at an eating disorder treatment center, and has battled with related dysmorphia for most of her adult life.Eating disorders can manifest themselves in a multitude of different ways.Symptoms can vary for each person; however, the following are warning signs of the potential presence of an eating disorder: Counseling Services does not have a specialist in eating disorders on staff; therefore, we cannot provide comprehensive treatment for eating disorders.


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