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Dating violence class activity

This perception is theorized to affect the intent of SCP-001 and reduce the focus of its actions.

Description: SCP-2798 is an anomalous energy field generated by Earth since 1971.SCP-2570: Corpse of recently deceased musician Django Reinhardt removed from containment and appropriated for use in a specially modified drilling mechanism, utilizing the corrosive substance constantly generated by the dimensional portal co-located with the corpse.Borehole reaching the Earth's upper mantle successfully completed by November 1953.This effect is, thus far, only observable on the level of the nation-state model.Using a variety of criteria, such as voter turnout rates, instability indicators, proportional share of representation in reactionary political parties in world legislatures, and occurrences of violence directed at the state, researchers have established a relationship between these factors and the intensity of SCP-2798.In the course of development of Compound Z21-Violet, however, this source was found to result in insufficient generation of required energy levels during tests.Consequently, an agreement was reached with covert partners within the government of the United Kingdom to provide sources for precursor concurrent with the aftermath of several military engagements in British Kenya. Approximately 1,400 cubic kilometers of Compound Z21-Violet was synthesized using anomalous methods.Addendum 2798.2 - Major Secondary Effects of SCP-2798 The presence of SCP-2798 surrounding Earth has led to many documented anomalous phenomena affecting human society.These effects are to be ameliorated to the maximum extent possible using Foundation resources; however, priority of resource allocation remains focused on research into possible means of extending the duration of SCP-2798.These effects, however, have been determined to be less harmful in total than a failure of containment of SCP-001.SCP-2798 is believed to interfere with the effects of SCP-001 by causing it to perceive Earth as a singular, living entity.


  1. Residents of a few select neighborhoods are condemned to endure a shocking degree of violence. As in Coldstream Homestead Montebello, some neighborhoods saw shooting victims die at a higher rate than the citywide average of one death for every three shootings.

  2. TRAINING SCENARIOS “Domestic Violence. but you suspect it might be Timothy because you just started dating someone about a month ago and. TRAINING ACTIVITY.

  3. TDV_Toolbox_1.2. Socialization Activity. facilitate Teen Dating Violence class discussions.

  4. The Ethics Information area serves as a hub for ethics-related resources, education programs and research tools.

  5. Dating Violence Prevention Mental. Chapter 1 Building Your Own Class Norms on Dating Violence. This activity is designed to help students understand the.

  6. Awareness Activities for Schools and Communities. You can discuss the best ways to provide teen dating violence education and support for the teens in your.

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