Dating trust fund kid

Maybe the wealthiest dude at your school has the Rolex on, rides a big ass car with 32 inch rims that rotate counterclockwise and the sweet ass DVD players on the seats.

3) In most cases they have no comprehension of struggle and can have their parents bail them out of anything.

at 25, emma, who does not work, has a luxurious apartment (all paid for), a string of desperate admirers, a personal -ssistant, and only 35,000 a month to live on.

a rich child whose parents put money in a trust for their child to use as they pleaseoran orphan of rich parents/grandparents/relatives and is now living off a trust until they’re of age or until they get off their b-tt to work for money sheila is a trust fund kid whose parents enter 00 a month into her fund but can’t use it until she’s 21.

For all intents and purposes, I will say that for the young and disenchanted, money DOES buy happiness and if it is the root of evil, we all like evil and are naughty so its nothing but a g thang. Since I tried so hard to embed the youtube video to the 50 song but couldn’t, I will put the link. Shout out to the gangster looking Benjamin Franklin! you can be worth billlions and still be strict with yuor kids.

Not that I am a 50 cent fan – I think he is a schmuck and should have his minoris (balls) cut off. Money in large amounts gives opportunity not burden to people Your thoughts are disjointed and jumbled – they do not belong on paper yet.

No worries for them though: Daddy will pay for a new building to smooth things over with the administration.

But then again, I might be making gross generalizations.

Yes, they might hang out with regular kids, but we all know that some of these kids might have their own islands and stuff.

Believe me, they are purposefully trying to sell themselves short.

This point though applies to any spoilt brat out there.

In some sense, the Trust Fund Baby is dependent and independent at the same time: independent because they got all this money and they can experiment with ideas and can use their money and influence to get what they want, but dependent because this money is not theirs.


  1. Mr. Wrongs You Date. I'm starting to feel like the last kid picked for. let's discuss trust fund babies. Initially, dating a guy who literally has a.

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