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There are examples of different annual and monthly customs seals – an integral part of the Russian customs service since the XVIIth century.

Peter the Great pioneered the modernization of the Russian Customs Service, especially, in the organization of its personnel.

Part time members of staff were called diyaki and podiyachie.

Customs officials who collected a very larger number of fees were given a variety of rewards: bonus cups, ladles or dippers, goblets, bolts of expensive cloth and bundles of valuable furs (forty sables).

Of special interest are examples of the XVIIth century monetary system.

They are closely linked to monetary reforms introduced by Tsar Aleksey Michailovich who instigated the campaign against the illegal importation of counterfeit money from Europe.

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There are examples of dutiable goods, prints showing the main trading centres of Russia, Charters granted by the Grand Princes, mannequins of tradespeople [the old name for customs officers].The trafficking of contraband was not the only thing to be prevented by the Customs.Among other things which were targeted by the Moscow Customs Department were the following: heretical books, other items of a religious nature and playing cards, all of which could be harmful to the people of Russia.A particular honour was an invitation to the Tsar’s festive dinner.One of the exhibits in the museum is a ladle, granted as a reward (1684), which was given to one of the tradespeople from Kasan (is it not Kazan) a certain Yakov Ivanov for his service in the Astrakhan Customs.In 1699, the post of Burmistr (The Head of the Customs Service) was adopted.Since 1720 the major customs houses were called Senior Customs Observers or Inspectors.The Tamgha Duty proved to be one of the most profitable fees collected and was calculated according to a commodity’s value.Ever since that time, this fee has come to be known as a customs duty and its place of collection – a customs office.The Prikas (the Central State Department) was in charge of the collection of revenue in the XVIIth century.Local authorities known as golovi and voevodi used to be responsible for the collection of customs duties and fees.


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