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Kunming long profited from its position on the caravan roads through to South-East Asia, India and Tibet.

Early townships in the southern edge of Lake Dianchi (outside the contemporary city perimeter) can be dated back to 279 BC, although they have been long lost to history.

Though having a nearly 2,400 year history, its modern prosperity dates only from 1910, when the railway from Hanoi was built.Kunming has been designated a special tourism center and as such sports a proliferation of high-rises and luxury hotels.Kunming will be the hub and terminus for the "Pan Asia High Speed Network" using high speed trains to connect China, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.Kunming consists of an old, previously walled city, a modern commercial district, residential and university areas.The city has an astronomical observatory, and its institutions of higher learning include Yunnan University, Yunnan Normal University and a medical college.Eventually this changed when Tuodong came under the control of the Yuan dynasty invasion of the southwest in 1252–1253.In 1276 it was founded by the Mongol rulers as Kunming County and became the provincial capital of Yunnan.In the 14th century, Kunming was retaken when the Ming dynasty defeated the Mongols, who built a wall surrounding present-day Kunming.Ming General Wu Sangui defected to Manchu invaders 300 years later and held the city until his death in 1678, long after the rest of China had fallen under Manchu rule.During the Ming and Qing dynasties, it was the seat of the superior prefecture of Yunnan.The area was first dubbed Kunming in the period towards the decline of the Yuan dynasty and later still in 1832, the beginnings of a real city were acknowledged within the city walls and significant structures within their confines.


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