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Dating lawchick gta iv

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She also often refers to herself in the third person.Clothes Discount: Being as stylish as she is Alex is able to get you discounts at clothing stores if you call her up before you make a purchase.Not a particularly useful ability, but it's appreciated. Two of them are met during the main plotline and three others are met online.You can date as many girls as you like at once and there seem to be no punishments for doing so.Complete the "Waste Not Want Knots" Mission Likes Kate is awake from 8am-12am.Kiki is one of the two datable girls on (an in-game dating site).You're forced into dating her by her brother Packie during the course of the main storyline.Kate most notably will never invite you into her house because she is allegedly saving herself for marriage.She goes by the name Law Chick online, but once you get her number you refer to her as Kiki.She's something of an idealist and is always out to save the world.


  1. Możesz ją spotkać dzięki serwisowi www - Randki - Aktywności dodatkowe - Grand Theft Auto IV. Możesz ją spotkać dzięki serwisowi Zaloguj się tam i. Z Kiki możesz umówić się przez serwis randkowy love-meet, gdzie występuje pod nickiem LawChick. Jest dostępna w godzinach od 6 rano do 2 w nocy.

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