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"Every part that I've ever played has shaped me in such a significant way.

I know from an outsider's perspective you might have something to say about that like in general, but I kind of view it as every other thing that I've invested in and really loved. I never really look back at my life and go, 'What did that mean?

Yes, Forks, Washington was an interesting place in the fictional world author Stephenie Meyer created in her bestselling books that turned into one of the biggest blockbuster film series.

So what does she really think about her major role she's had in the series?

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As one of the gang of Victoria’s Secret Angels the 5ft 9in beauty has the world at her well-heeled feet. Stella Mayne Mawell is a 27-year-old supermodel, born on May 15, 1990, in Belgium.Well, Kristen caught up with hit theaters, and she admitted she feels nothing but lucky she got to be Bella Swan."I didn't realize that it was five years exactly, that's trippy," Kristen said.According to People, Kristen said: ‘I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected.‘This momentary indiscretion has jeopardised the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob.I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.’ Rupert too has reportedly followed suit, telling People: ‘I am utterly distraught about the pain I have caused my family.‘My beautiful wife and heavenly children are all I have in this world. I am praying that we can get through this together.’ Rupert and his wife went on to divorce.In 2016 she landed the coveted number one spot on Maxim’s Hot 100 List.Stella enjoyed a high-profile romance with former Disney star Miley Cyrus in 2015.But enough fans tweeted the sighting that it appears to have been legitimate. Have they finally put Kristen’s cheating scandal behind them?The pair were last pictured together in public in 2012, and just a year later split following the discovery that Kristen had cheated on Rob with director Rupert Sanders.


  1. Robert Pattinson 2018 Kristen Stewart’s Ex Reportedly ‘Rejected’ By Emma Watson, Now ‘Pursuing’ Margot Robbie. but the timing has never been right.

  2. Robert Pattinson news. Who is he dating right now. Andrew Garfield, Polly Stenham, Joaquin Phoenix, Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart.

  3. Kristen Stewart has officially confirmed that she is dating Alicia Cargile in a new interview. The 26-year-old actress opened up about their relationship with Elle UK. “I think also right now I’m just really in love with my girlfriend. We’ve broken up a couple of times and gotten back together.

  4. Kristen Stewart has a long dating history. Who has Kristen dated? Who is she dating now? Details and photos of her exes here.

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