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Dating j salmon postcards

Also at this time Salmon published a small series of local view pictorial calendars with coloured illustrations of English scenes, towns and regions.

The earliest calendars were in a turnover style although, as techniques developed, both turnover and panel style calendars were produced in increasing numbers.

w=300" data-large-file="https://postalheritage.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/0491-peter-cove.jpg? I wanted to understand what it felt like to have finished a collection. The details of Peter’s hunt were extraordinary: he told me of adverts he placed in French magazines to find a card of Dover that might have been sent to France; he explained how he’d buy cards he thought people with items on his “wanted list” might accept in exchange; and, lowering his voice for fear of Sarah overhearing, he spoke of visits to London markets where he’d spend hundreds of pounds. For Baudrillard, Peter’s serial motivation would be of little surprise.

It is true that Peter does not greatly value the artistic merits of Quinton’s work (“he was not a great artist!Each year they visit sites he painted and compare the artwork on his cards with the views today. Well, interviewing Peter and other collectors has made me wonder whether it’s time for a reversal in the portrayal of collecting, time for collecting to edge out from the shadows.Perhaps the motivations for collecting will always be private and mysterious.By the end of the First World War, the business had outgrown its original site and a new factory was built in Sevenoaks.Between the wars the company continued to develop its product ranges under the control of Norman and Eric Salmon.Alongside that drive to complete, stories emerge, histories are rescued and communities form. Especially, if you’ve a story of something that has happened as a result of your collecting. I’ve also got a blog you can follow at @postcardese on Twitter.Maybe you’ve uncovered an interesting history that would have otherwise been forgotten? By 1890, Joseph had become interested in the potential of printing and publishing pictorial post cards and produced a collection of twelve black and white post cards of Sevenoaks and district.This was followed, by a small collection of coloured post cards of local scenes. – Peter Cove Forty years after having “kept back” his first cards, Peter Cove now owns one of every postcard designed by the artist A. It is easy to match this template for collectors against fictional characters. Take Baudrillard’s psychoanalytic portrait of collectors. He sees collectors as individuals struggling to form relationships with others, and using collecting as a way to withdraw from society.


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