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Today, Leptis continues to inspire wonder: it's the most extensive and best-preserved Greco-Roman site in the whole of North Africa.If Libyan soldiers had been garrisoned on Hadrian’s Wall and served in Scotland, my friend mused, it must have been just as likely for British soldiers to be stationed in Libya.Pope Victor I, also from Leptis Magna, was the first pope to say mass in Latin rather than Greek.From 1551 onwards, the country fell under the sway of the Ottoman Empire, until the Italians moved in just before the First World War.The spokesman also added that it has been a priority to the UNHCR teams to work on identifying refugees, adding that the teams continue to advocate for the refugees' release, indicating that in some locations, UNHCR has provided tents that are being used as makeshift hospitals where UNHCR doctors are providing medical assistance."Since the onset of this humanitarian crisis, UNHCR staff have been on the ground providing emergency assistance in all locations where refugees and migrants have been transferred to, and are conducting assessments to determine needs and vulnerabilities.According to the UNHCR, Libyan authorities estimate that an additional 6,000 migrants and refugees are still being held by smugglers.

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Meanwhile, the Head of the Illegal Immigration Fight Center in Sabratha Bassim Al-Gharabli said Tuesday that they transferred over 8.744 illegal immigrants to Gharyan illegal immigrants’ detention centers in the last ten days, and then from there to other centers.The spokesman also elaborated by saying that UNHCR staff had identified a worrying number of unaccompanied and separated children, many under the age of six, adding that a large number of them reported losing parents on the journey to Libya or in the chaos that resulted during the events of the last few weeks."Detention centers and assembly points are now at full capacity and lack basic amenities like water tanks and sanitation facilities.He added that the refugees and migrants were taken to a hangar in the Dahman area in Sabratha that has been serving as an assembly point since the onset of the crisis.From there, refugees and migrants are being transferred by authorities to official detention centers where humanitarian agencies are providing lifesaving assistance.UNHCR has delivered more than 15 truckloads of relief items, including sleeping mats, mattresses, blankets, hygiene kits and winter jackets."UNHCR colleagues on the front lines describe a picture of human suffering and abuse on a shocking scale.One of the great cities of the ancient world, Leptis Magna was surrounded by fertile olive groves and vineyards, whose oil and wine were famous across the empire.Together with Sabratha and Oea, it was one of the three cities that gave their name to Tripolitania - meaning 'three cities' in Greek (Τρίπολις).Hadrian's Wall kept out the Picts, while the Limes Tripolitanus protected the magnificent cities of the Mediterranean coast from the marauding Geramantes.Septimius, the African emperor, was himself a Libyan, hailing from Leptis Magna.


  1. Libya Muslim Marriage, Matrimonial, Dating, or Social Networking website.

  2. DETAINED AND DEHUMANISED”. REPORT ON HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES AGAINST MIGRANTS IN LIBYA. 13 December 2016. United Nations Support Mission in Libya. Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

  3. This page summarizes Doing Business data for Libya. It includes rankings, data for key regulations and comparisons with other economies.

  4. Aug 14, 2017. There is extreme risk to your security in Libya and we advise against all travel. The ongoing conflict and the threat from terrorism and kidnapping present a significant risk to New Zealanders in Libya. New Zealanders currently in Libya are strongly advised to depart immediately. As there is no New Zealand.

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