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Dating in cadillac mi

American-spec Esprits are unloved as their Zenith carburettors and anti-smog equipment dulled the twin-cam’s sparkle.The raised ride height also damages the dynamics – and the looks aren’t helped either, thanks to the ungainly impact bumpers.If it’s still in one piece, and not bent or damaged, then breathe a sigh of relief.If there are any issues, then it really needs to be replaced, as repairs are not generally good enough.

• Head gaskets were a cause for concern when the esprit was new, and can still be a problem today, so a fully functioning cooling system is key.

Throughout the Seventies and Eighties, every kid used to lust after a Lotus Esprit Turbo – and there were plenty of adults who did just the same.

Here was the most fantastically shaped wedge of plastic that could hit 150mph and sprint from a standing start to 60mph in less than six seconds – and all thanks to a four-cylinder engine with a displacement of just over 2.0-litres.

• Windscreens will need to be re-sealed if hasn’t been replaced, and it’s a delicate job requiring patience.

Half of the time the screen will crack during the procedure, making things even more expensive.


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